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Choosing the Best Electric Fireplace for Your Home

Choosing the Best Electric Fireplace for Your Home

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The electric fireplace industry has seen some huge technological advancements in the last few years. A solution that was once thought to be cheap and tacky compared to wood-burning fireplaces is now an industry standard solution that provides elegant, modern design.

Electric fireplaces vary in design and offer all sorts of flexibility when it comes to fitting them in your home. Let's take a look at how these various designs can function as a suitable option for your home.

Built-In / Recessed Fireplaces

Built-in fireplaces are becoming fairly commonplace in newer homes. These units offer a sleek design as they are built right into a cavity that is intentionally framed into the wall where the fireplace is situated. The face of the fireplace is nearly flush with the wall to achieve that classy look. 

Heat from the unit is emitted through a single slot on the front face of the unit rather than the top where it would get trapped in the cavity of the wall. Stunning ambience is often achieved with a variety of LED back-lighting settings in these units as well.

This style of fireplace can also be recessed into a wall to give a room that extra sense of depth and distinguished design if you have the space.

Wall Mount Fireplaces

Wall mount fireplaces are similar to built-in fireplaces. These units achieve nearly the same external look of a built-in fireplace from a distanced vantage point, but in actuality, they stick out from the wall anywhere from 6-10 inches depending on the depth of the unit itself.

While this doesn't give off as polished of a look from up close, one of the obvious benefits with these units is that there is more flexibility on where they can be installed. You are not required to build a cavity in your wall that fits only a certain sized unit.

Instead, you can mount the fireplace wherever it suits you. You can mount it under your TV or higher up on a wall similar to where you might hang artwork. Additionally, you can furnish the accent with faux brick veneer panels or a wood paneling design to enhance the overall look.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric fireplace inserts are most commonly retrofitted into previously existing fireplace hearths. These units are similar to built in units where they end up sitting flush to the wall. Because they are recessed into the wall, heat from the unit is emitted from the front face of the unit.

Retrofitting always presents the challenge of size and shape. Electric fireplace inserts often come in the approximate dimension of 32" x 24" which are standard rough dimensions for traditional fireplaces. These units typically come with trim kits to cover any gaps in case there is not an exact size match.

Three-Sided Fireplaces

Three-sided fireplaces are truly innovative in design and offer that sense of luxury and extraordinary aesthetic to your home. Three-sided fireplaces allow the flame and ambience to be viewed and enjoyed from almost any angle.

These units can be mounted in a traditional location on a wall if they are slim in design. They can also function as an extension of a wall and offer the ambience to rooms on either side of the unit.

Free-Standing Fireplaces

Free-standing fireplaces often achieve that uniquely European style of fireplace. These units can look like a traditional wood-burning fireplace without all the hassle of proper ventilation. Various modern designs are available as well.

Free-standing fireplaces come with no installation boundaries. They are portable and require no mounting brackets or pre-installation framing efforts. Virtually no assembly required – just simply plug in and enjoy!

Most modern units come with a variety of built in LED backlighting options for added ambience as well. For the quickest return on investment, you can't go wrong with a simple free-standing unit.

TV Stand / Mantel Fireplaces

TV Stand (or mantel) fireplaces are an extension of the free-standing fireplace style. In addition to being just a fireplace, these units are built into furnishing that also functions as a bookcase, storage shelf or TV stand. 

This sort of multifunctionality is a great way to be efficient with the use of space in your home. Like other free-standing fireplaces, these units are very portable and require very little assembly. The combination of watching your favourite movie or the game with the ambience of a mantel fireplace is a tough one to beat.

Which Fireplace is Best For You?

Once again, electric fireplaces vary in design and offer all sorts of flexibility when it comes to fitting them in your home. 

Whether you have the flexibility to design a built-in unit or whether you're looking to retrofit or find something portable, be sure to check out our wide range of selection. We're happy to answer any questions you might have and help you out equipping your home with the perfect solution.

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